Thursday, November 9, 2017

Self seeking El Rufai is using teacher's test to get attention

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Malam El Rufai loves to kick start trending issues in Nigeria, it is not important to him whether his position is correct or not, and it does not matter whether his action contradicts any of his past decisions, so long as the people are feasting at his propaganda, he is happy. The man is at the top of the teacher's crisis in Kaduna State, and you will see his deception after reading this article.
We should not be having this discussion when it was not a problem to El Rufai to make a man that does not pass WAEC the President of the Nation, despite the complex duties involved, the same man will have no problem when candidates from the North are given undue advantage over their Southern couterpart with reduced cut off point for admission into tertiary institution and for job abtitude test.
He claimed that this test is for primary four pupils, who is he kidding? with questions like (write a letter to your Uncle informing him of planned excursion by your school to a place of interest and soliciting for financial assistance). How many primary four pupils can write a letter in Nigeria? How many public schools go for excursions?
How many training has El Rufai's government organised for these teachers since he became governor and let's ask him what is his severance package for these people? The only excuse he has for his action was that he budgeted N44B for education this year, and you cannot suddenly begin to ask for a result for this, the investment must be consistent and given time to yield, but the among has reduced in the new budget.
Kaduna state has witnessed a lot of crisis under this man, he should sit back and check the percentage of Christian to Muslims that will be affected as he wants to sack the affected teachers, I have no doubt that the Christians will be more affected because that is just the kind of person El Rufai is.
If he wants me to take him seriously, he should conduct another test, using a neutral and competent examination body. He should not be the judge in his own case.
El Rufai is a master of propaganda, he is either seeking attention or taking attention away from himself with this. This intelligent man should have made a huge impact on Kaduna state, but all he has succeeded in doing is complicating the problem of his people and for that, he thinks he deserves a second term.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Talofe pa Fayose

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Oro ina ti o fo yo lara motor Gomina ipinle Ekiti yi toju sun ni o, ta ni ofe pa Fayose gan? Tabi ogun ni wipe eyan fe dije fun ipo Aare ile wa ni?
Gomina Fayose ni oje okan pataki ninu omo egbe alatako ni ori le ede yi bayi, oun nikan ni ole nu oro nigba kan si Aare Buhari, igboya re ni ofun awon elomiran ninu egbe PDP lenu ati le soro, eyi gan ni oje ki okiki re kan kakakiri ori le ede yi.
Amo bayi, ti isu ija gbara Fayose ti fe jina, awon ota kan fe pa. awon ti a le debi oro yi ru ju eyo kan lo, ole je ninu egbe APC ni oti wa, tabi ninu egbe PDP, osin le se awon Boko Haram lo wa nidi oro.
Iran Yoruba ko gbodo jeki awon kan ofi ote pa omo Oduduwa yio.

The Akeredolu's Administration is sinking in Ondo State

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Governor Akeredolu of Ondo state is practically losing the ship of the administration of Ondo State, this administration is less than a year and the people of the state has only sad tales to tell, this might be the handiwork of the mischief maker in the state, but their argument seems reasonable.
The Governor who is now nicknamed the Father Christmas(the Nigerian term for-Santa Claus) because of his white beard, has been accused of abandoning the screaming problem of the State like; unpaid salary, employment, poverty, and the improvement in the infrastrucutre, instead he is blamed for residing in Ibadan, people wonder why the governor cannot live among his people.
Apart from delaying in the appointment of commissioners, the Governor seems to have recycle the bad names that ruined the state, among his commissioners were the Son of the the former Governor of Ondo Adefarati, the Brother of the former governor Agagu, former speaker of the State House of Assembly, Taofiq Abdulsalam and many more.
Why the argument about the appointment of the Commissioner could be pardoned, in fact, the APC caucus in the State are plotting to replace the Governor with Segun Abraham through abracadabra court case, the real issue is that the people has not felt any impact of the administration.

Sack the World Bank President not Buhari over investment in the North

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Nigerians are fighting the wrong battle over a statement by the World Bank's President, Jim Yong Kim, blaming Buhari for wrongly advising him to invest in the North, this is only a diversionary tactics by the world to get away with her calculated efforts to make Africa poorer and continue to be a slave to the advanced Country in the world.

The World Bank has failed Nigeria severally, they have always given the wrong advice and they only invest in Africa in such away that we end up wasting money, getting into debt.
In 1980's the World Bank loans that were supposed to help Nigeria build infrastructure failed, not only that, the price of our oil fell, and that was why Nigeria entered into a regime of endless debt deficit.
It is the same World Bank that adviced the Nigerian government to invest in big Water project, such that the problem of water will be over by 1990, the government invested with huge IMF loan, we are still suffering for water thirty years later and the loan is still weighing on our neck.
Regrettably too, no African countries have benefited from Sustainable Millenium Goal of the World Bank, the first phase is over, the money has gone down the drain, the second phase has just begun and the World Bank is telling us the same old story.
This is not the same with any other advanced country, where World bank seems to be working and getting things right. Enough of blaming our government, we will not have it.
Buhari and his media advisers should be blamed for the poor way they are handling this. It is not a time to justify or explain what the President advice the World Bank or not, they are supposed to be the investment expert, they should know when they are getting  a bad advice and they should have avoided this pitfall considering the history of their roles in Africa.
Adesina should stop disrespecting the sensibility of Nigerian for reacting to the poor advice given by the President, Buhari has not done enough to convince Nigerian that he is a nationalist and not a tribal bigots.
Nigerian should request that the World Bank President be sacked, how can you come to the world and claimed that you have failed Nigeria again, after all the bad businesses the World Bank has done in Nigeria in the past.

Okorocha been correct small for Zuma statue

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Since when Okorocha don carry South Africa President statue put for Owerri, e come be like say the man go take im hand carry trouble put for im head, na so so wahala, the people for im State no just give am benefit of doubt at all, but if we look am well well, Okorocha fit get chipini sense for the matter, but no be say e too make sense.
I no sabi wetin Okorocha see for Zuma body wey make am carry the statue put, but South Africa don safe Nigeria for plenty matter, when Nigeria Television dem no dey try, na from South Africa DSTV take come, na from there country people music, sport and advert come take better, when NITEL no wan gree better, na from South Africa MTN take come, wey even small pikin come dey enjo life for handset, the same MTN now wan help us solve the NEPA problem, tori many inside this South Africa matter, Shoprite na from South Africa, and e get plenty jolly wey Niaja Pastor dem dey get from South Africa.
As the tori wey i dey tell una sweet reach, e get bad inside, Zuma no even get respect for im country, plus including say Okorocha too spend money put for the statue, wia people dey im State dey suffer.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fayose will defeat Buhari in a head to head election in 2019

If the rule of the 2019 general election is first to come first served, Governor Fayose of Ekiti will be the winner, unfortunately, that is not the rule, however, Fayose stands a chance to beat President Buhari if they are the only two candidates in the election.
Not many Nigerian likes Governor Fayose, he is not even loved as such in his State, but he has
become increasingly famous because of his position against Buhari, he has become a thorn in the flesh of the President, not only that though, most of the damaging allegations he leveled against the President has turned out to be true, it appears like He has been right about the head of the Nigerian government all along.
Nobody will pay Fayose any attention in the 2019 general election if quality candidates emerge to contest as President, he will not even succeed as PDP flag bearer, but politics has a funny way of producing shocking outcomes, and in the case where Fayose is confronting Buhari as the sole candidates, he will win because he will rubbish the President to early retirement from the race, this is simply because people are tired of the hardship under this government and they will pick Fayose out of protest against Buhari.

Nigerian caricature of a broom revolution

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A revolution that swept through Nigeria in 2015 was based on a symbolic BROOM, that was supposed to sweep corruption out of the country, but the whole scheme was wrong from the start.
Anybody from Nigeria will understand that most men don't sweep the house or environment to get rid of the dirt, the matter becomes complicated by the calibre of people like Buhari, Tinubu and Okorocha, the Arch master of the broom revolution, because these men do not have any hope of ever sweeping in decades, they all have House Help, no wonder corruption was swept back to Nigeria in multiple folds.
It is not a coincidence that the APC failed, give these men other jobs like lying, making promises they will never keep and you can be guaranteed of a job well done, but if you give them a broom, you can surely expect a mess like they did in Nigeria.
This is a lesson to Nigerian, to beware of the kind of revolutionary plot they will buy into in the year 2019 because those master politicians are already setting up plans to launch another revolution look-alike that will be used to manipulate the country in the coming period.