Sunday, September 24, 2017

Saraki backs IPOB because of his 2019 ambition

IPOB demands and activities received the biggest boost recently from the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki. The leader of the Senate protested that the IPOB should not be branded a terrorist by the security agencies in Nigeria, despite the threat the group posed to the country, but his support is not for nothing.
Saraki is desperate to rule Nigeria, the kangaroo election that got him into the office as the Senate President of Nigeria was only a dress rehearsal for the ultimate goal of becoming the President one day. The only roadblock to this dream is Buhari which seems to be out of the way at the moment due to health challenge.
His latest romance with the IPOB might be a tactic to get the Igbo to queue behind him when the election begins in 2019, recall that Saraki and Bola Tinubu -the strong man of the Yoruba politics - has been on the neck of each over the control of the Yoruba platform in the Senate.
As it is, Saraki has a little control in the Yoruba area but not enough to beat Tinubu in 2019 in the area, but the Igbo land is a free land for the Senate President to explore because his arch rival is not wanted there.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Make Buhari wife follow beg for Diezani Alison madueke

Country people wan kill Diezani Alison Madueke wey be the formal Minister for oil, na on top say she thief money, wetin you go see for inside efery news be say the woman don do this the woman don do that, until dem go kill am, and country people sabi say woman no dey get mind like man.
Madam Buhari, na so you go sidon dey look? First Lady dem no gree give you, and no woman get better post for this Buhari gofment.
Make Buhari wife come put mouth for this matter now I beg, na so so woman the gofment dey fight, na so dem dey follow Madam Patience drag Kasala, make I ask, Buhari go fit talk say money no dey hungry am? Abi no be imself e carry put for oil Minister, and e no go gree make the only woman wey don first do oil Minister rest. I beg make dem park well make I waka.

Arsenal FC don't need Dangote's money like the Nigerian league

Arsenal FC is the next big investment the Africa's richest man- Aliko Dangote - is targeting, but while this seems to be wise, the better place to put that money is in the Nigeria's league.
Nigeria's leagues need a great business manager and marketer like Dangote to transform it, this league might not look good today but it holds a lot of promises than Arsenal FC and the entire English league put together. One day Nigeria's league will overtake some of the European league
because of the huge market for the business.
Some of the prospect in the Nigeria's league includes; the massive interest which the Europe league has created in populations, all we need to do is to cut into the taste of the people, the infrastructural development Stadium, the money the business can generate, the employment opportunities, growth of our textile, and direct impact on our National Team.
If the religious organisation like MFM is putting money in the league, and individuals who do not have Dangote's kind of money like the Saraki and Uba, nothing stops the former from helping this league off the ground, especially, when you can see that it was the English that built their league with deliberate investment that resulted in the big entertainment industry of today.
Dangote and his like are the kinds of people depriving Nigerian of seen the best of football in our Stadiums, why should everybody be dreaming of laundering Nigerians money abroad? When the country needs it, and Nigeria has been so kind to Dangote, he was made by Nigeria and this is not the way to pay the country back.

Reasons why Nigerians will soon put the Electricity Companies out of business

One day the problem of electricity will be a thing of the past in Nigeria, this tall dream might not be achieved through the instrument of the government that has perpetually failed the people, and it might not be the effort of the electricity companies in Nigeria who has turned the source of power to a goldmine, but the axe is already set on this challenge by a couple of factors.
As the electricity become increasingly unavoidable for everyday operation in our lives and the
electricity companies continually bombarded people with unbearable charges, technology is springing up in response to this challenge for Nigerian, though the pace of the technology is slow, or they are presently out of reach of many Nigerian, but they are always showing up, it is an indication that we will soon get it right, examples are; Inverter, Solar panel, Biogas, and the use of other alternatives to power generator like gas.
Not only is this technology springing up, we also have a national shift from the total dependence on NEPA in the past to individual houses having their own generators, in the past few people own a generator, and the practice of renting generator was commonplace, but that is no more.
We have a few instances where organisation goes all out to generate their own power, a typical example is the RCCG Redemption Camp, where electricity is far better than even in the Aso Rock, the template of this institution is readily available for others to adapt and people are taking steps to duplicate it elsewhere.
It will hit the government and the electricity companies as a big shock when this problem goes away without their input, and when you keep leaving the people to their own faith, one day, they will see that there is no more need for government.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Osinbajo wa tule se, Ojo nlo

Image result for yemi osinbajo family
Igba o lo bi orere, ojo o to lo bi opa ibon, owe yi ba Igba keji Aare Buhari mu ni opolopo, ojogbon Yemi Osinbajo ti owa lati ipinle Ogun, ipinle kanna pelu Obasanjo, ni ko ti se nkan pato si ipinle re bayi, beni ijoba odun merin ntan lo bi odun egun bayi.
Ki oro malo behin yo, ti oje wipe gege bi igba keji Aare ojogbon Osinbajo ko ni ri ohun kan pataki toka si wipe o un se ni ipinle Ogun ninu Ijoba ode yi, lo fi yeki o lo wa nkan ri mole.
Bi oti le je wipe ona ipinle Ogun ti awon tirela Dangote ti baje tan nikan ni ole se, oye ki o lo wa woroko fi se ada lori re, mo wi temi o, abo oro la un so fun omoluabi, ti oba de inu re adi odindin.

Dalung don take wayo carry Naija league give plateau United

I no vex for Plateau United say dem win Naija league, even self how many people self dey watch the league, but na Dalung own dey vex me, how Minister for sport go come dabaru eferything for inside Niaja sport, and e go come dey get mouth.
Before before Naija sport dey try, I know say dem no dey do well sha o, but since this Dalung don enter the office for Sport Minister the thing come worst no be small. Na on top that Plateau United come win Naija league, na im Dalung come dey happy because say na from Plateau state dem born am.
Which kain wayo be that? since when the league don start, Plateau United never smell the cup, that one means say this championship get one kain.  

Nothing to show for Akoko's Reps in the National Assembly

Akoko has never had it this bad in her history, things seems to be going from bad to worst, there is no point to mention the infrastructural decadence, poor standard of living and a situation of abandonment confronting the people. These problem hunt the people and nobody is doing anything about it.
Mostly of the citizens has been render helpless by poverty, while the government has reduced the traditional rulers to mere figureheads, and the Political Office Holders who are to deliver well on their stewardship are either ignorant of their duties or they are grossly incapable. The most affected among in this categories are the National Assembly members from Akoko area, who should be vanguard for the promotion of the area, mobilizing other political office holders in the State and the Local for the development of the area are not doing anything at all.
It seems like this National Assembly members do nothing more than to vote Yes or No in their various Houses to get the allowance and pocket it, if they are sending any bill that could make the life of the people better it will be seen. The whereabouts of the Constituency Allowance of the people remains a mystery where the supposed Honorables cannot even pay for the electricity bill of the people.
One thing that is very sure is that most of these persons will be seeking another vote in 2019, and the people must start using that to get the kind of development from their representative.