Monday, December 11, 2017

Up NEPA ti muna lo

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Oro ina monamona mimulo ni Orilede yi ti wa nko wa lominu pupo, ina ko le duro dede fun wakati kan ni opolopo ilu nla nla, eleyi nfa idamu fun tile toko.
Owo ijoba koka oro ina yi rara, awon onise monamona tiwa sora won di ehana ti o nfi ipa gbowo ina ti awon ara ilu ko ri lo.
Kosi si eni ti ori nkankan se si oro na.

Buhari enemy come get mouth pass APC people

Na so so people dey finish Buhari for the bad gofment matter, and no be so before, wey e get plenty people wey go help Buhari join mouth to take finish im enemy.
But e be like say the people wey been dey support Buhari don tire, na only the people wey dey against am come dey get mouth, dem dey talk say gofment no give country people, light, water, road, and say the gofment dey spoil thing for the man pikin dem, inside this picture wey you dey look so, na Reno Omokri put am no be me, e talk say Atiku farm dey try pass Buhari

Okorocha now a match for Fayose

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Governor Okorocha seems to have stolen the shine from Governor Fayose of Ekiti State for bad media coverage, this man is topping the social media criticism every week, taking the place exclusively reserved for Fayose.
Okorocha and the others that secured APC the seat of Government of Nigeria started going wrong as soon as they get to the office, but Okorocha took things to a different level by first erecting Statue of World  leaders in his state as if his state has become a Museum and recently he has started creating Ministries that is never heard of, such as Ministry of Happiness and Ministry of Long life and prosperity.
Fayose might have reasons for his actions, he ends up becoming the main voice of the opposition against the APC government, sometimes he was right and the other he was wrong, but nobody really knows where Okorocha is heading with his actions, and if this is a kind of campaign strategy, he must really think that Nigeria is a big joke.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Argentina will ask Nigeria for a rematch

Nigeria defeated Argentina in their last friendly match by 4 goals to 2, and the Argentines are not happy about the outcome of the match, though the Star player, Messi was missing in action for his country on that day, this means there will be a replay of that match, and the country will not rest until they can get their honour back,
Argentina has never lost to Nigeria in a tournament in recent time, except in a friendly match.
The country, unlike Nigeria, took it football match too seriously, because that is the only brand from Argentina that is known worldwide, other brands may exist, but they are not as popular.
Nigeria could have done the same with her National football team, and better with her National league, but this country has a lot to learn.
This has happened before, Nigeria picked Argentina for a friendly match in 2011, beaten Argentina 4-1, they ask for a rematch and beat Nigeria at home. they subsequently beat Nigeria in the Olympic, that should not happen this time around if by accident the two countries meet in the FIFA 2018 World Cup. Nigeria should prepare to get to the quarter-final at the world cup, and if possible get beyond that.
Nigeria should start taking pride in her sport, music, religion and home video, this brands should be a force to earn the country respect and nothing to joke with.

Nigerian are conceding defeat to the Cabal before 2019

A lot of Nigerian are already losing hope about the next general election in the country, to them, the country is not going to get it right, this is the opinion expressed by many youths on their social media accounts, and this is as a result of the performance of the current government and the type of candidates that are showing interest in the coming election as alternative to the government.
The Cabal in Nigeria is responsible for the poor situation of the country, and it seems to have taken over the government of Buhari, and not only that, it has strategically positioned its members or loyalist to take over the government in 2019, with this situation, the country will never get better.
What every Nigerian must know is that the Cabals are also afraid of the coming election, because it can still throw forward unpredictable surprise. Though Nigeria does not have a better alternative to the ruling Cabal as it is, but a reasonable candidate can still emerge that will give the Cabal a run for their money, and if not, the people can decide to vote and control the coming government with close monitoring and pressure to be committed to the desire of the people.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Self seeking El Rufai is using teacher's test to get attention

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Malam El Rufai loves to kick start trending issues in Nigeria, it is not important to him whether his position is correct or not, and it does not matter whether his action contradicts any of his past decisions, so long as the people are feasting at his propaganda, he is happy. The man is at the top of the teacher's crisis in Kaduna State, and you will see his deception after reading this article.
We should not be having this discussion when it was not a problem to El Rufai to make a man that does not pass WAEC the President of the Nation, despite the complex duties involved, the same man will have no problem when candidates from the North are given undue advantage over their Southern couterpart with reduced cut off point for admission into tertiary institution and for job abtitude test.
He claimed that this test is for primary four pupils, who is he kidding? with questions like (write a letter to your Uncle informing him of planned excursion by your school to a place of interest and soliciting for financial assistance). How many primary four pupils can write a letter in Nigeria? How many public schools go for excursions?
How many training has El Rufai's government organised for these teachers since he became governor and let's ask him what is his severance package for these people? The only excuse he has for his action was that he budgeted N44B for education this year, and you cannot suddenly begin to ask for a result for this, the investment must be consistent and given time to yield, but the among has reduced in the new budget.
Kaduna state has witnessed a lot of crisis under this man, he should sit back and check the percentage of Christian to Muslims that will be affected as he wants to sack the affected teachers, I have no doubt that the Christians will be more affected because that is just the kind of person El Rufai is.
If he wants me to take him seriously, he should conduct another test, using a neutral and competent examination body. He should not be the judge in his own case.
El Rufai is a master of propaganda, he is either seeking attention or taking attention away from himself with this. This intelligent man should have made a huge impact on Kaduna state, but all he has succeeded in doing is complicating the problem of his people and for that, he thinks he deserves a second term.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Talofe pa Fayose

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Oro ina ti o fo yo lara motor Gomina ipinle Ekiti yi toju sun ni o, ta ni ofe pa Fayose gan? Tabi ogun ni wipe eyan fe dije fun ipo Aare ile wa ni?
Gomina Fayose ni oje okan pataki ninu omo egbe alatako ni ori le ede yi bayi, oun nikan ni ole nu oro nigba kan si Aare Buhari, igboya re ni ofun awon elomiran ninu egbe PDP lenu ati le soro, eyi gan ni oje ki okiki re kan kakakiri ori le ede yi.
Amo bayi, ti isu ija gbara Fayose ti fe jina, awon ota kan fe pa. awon ti a le debi oro yi ru ju eyo kan lo, ole je ninu egbe APC ni oti wa, tabi ninu egbe PDP, osin le se awon Boko Haram lo wa nidi oro.
Iran Yoruba ko gbodo jeki awon kan ofi ote pa omo Oduduwa yio.