Wednesday, January 11, 2017

BEDC has caused more evil than the Boko Haram in NIgeria

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The operation of the BEDC and DISCO companies of Nigeria, which are the electricity distributing companies in Nigeria has become detrimental to the well being of the people they are supposed to serve, far worst than the activities of the dreaded Boko Haram, instead of  supplying electricity, the company pontificate on the regime of blackout in several local governments in Nigeria, and they carry  on as if their customers should go to hell if they don't like what is happening.
BEDC and DISCO has successful prevented several houses in Nigeria from getting prepaid meters, by hoarding and refusing to import them so that the price will be on the high side and in other to continue to bill the customer anyhow they like, whether they supply electricity or not.
BEDC has deviced a means to stop people from questioning their evil activities by disconnecting any area where people challenged their tyrannical authority from electrical connections permanently, thereby forcing people to watch as the electricity situation in the country worsen and the company continue to reap where they did not sow.
The BEDC in particular is neck deep in financial fraud, whereby the customer pays and they will claim that the money is lost in transit. The company will never blame their staff for making away with the costumers payment and they will never blame the fault on their failure to supply prepaid meters to all the houses in Nigeria, they will rather disconnect the area concern from electricity supply and they will insist on getting double payment, and unless a radical action is taking the company never shift ground.
As it is, several local governments are under attack of electricity embargo of the BEDC, like the Akoko, Okitipupa areas of Ondo. There are more local governments like that in Nigeria, which has pushed the offence of the BEDC beyond that of the Boko Haram. One can only wonder if lawlessness is the rule in this country?
Despite the fact that so many parts of the country has no electricity supply, there is no comparative increase in the supply of electricity in Nigeria, this also suggest that BEDC could be disguising her inefficiency by cutting off parts of Nigeria from access to electricity. Be that as it may, no reasonable government will permit this kind of nonsense. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Nigeria needs a special revolution

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Revolution in Nigeria is like asking the wrong question from the wrong guy, you will never get a correct answer, tribalism deep rooted in Nigeria for a true revolution in the sense you are stating it.
Actually, revolution has never succeeded in recent times, the last time it works was during the emperors and empires, the Hammurabi, Alexandra the great and the Julius Caesars.
What you confused for revolution in recent time was not what you think it was. Let me quickly educate you about three three types of revolution, bloody revolution, social revolution and the imported revolution.
The one we often talked about in this part of the world is the bloody revolution, where an angry mob wipe out the bad rulers and his cohort, but what we find here is that another set of bad guys simply step in where the revolution ends, example is the Arab Spring, Lybia seems to be far better under Ghadaffi and Egypt was winning African nations tournament until Mubarack was sacked and the country never knew peace.
The one I will recommend is the social revolution, this is when a societal challenges are solved using human intellect, it may be invention of machine that makes food surplus, a machine that makes transport faster, a machine that makes information faster or easier, a break through in the field of medicine, a breakthrough in fashion, in politics. This revolution is any human accomplishment that transformed the society for better. That was what took place in Europe and it is called Industrial revolution and that is what is called information revolution today. I wish I can spare the time to explain to you why the European succeeded in making the African see the bloody revolution instead of industrial revolution all the time.
Finally, there is Transported Revolution, this is when a revolution that started in a foreign country is transported to another country, that was how USA took the shine from Europe in industrial revolution, at certain times several European relocated to America and they brought this revolution with them. It is what is happening in Asia where the American smuggled their companies to evade tax and to evade labour related prices, some revolution can be alien created such as the space landing.
Now instead of planning of committing murder, which you might not succeed in doing anyway, you can start to redirect your effort to cause a social revolution, invent a machine or inspire other to invent a machine, even the oppressors and dictator bows to technology at long last.
Time will not permit me to explain more. But contact me for private discussion on this matter.

The fight for electricity in Akoko can only be won by the youths

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BEDC has taking the assault on Akoko land too far and the only group that can confront this evil Armageddon are the vibrant youths. This fight must be pursued using different strategy and on the social medial platforms to avoid it leading to the breaking of law and physical combat because of the anger generated over time by the BEDC in the heart of the ordinary Akoko citizens.
The first way to fight this war is through the social media and the use of the information technology. The youths must create a hashtag on the Facebook and other platform to get the world to see what the BEDC is doing to us, the BEDC, which is the arch enemy of Akoko is on the twitter. @BEDCpower, and it has a customer care number 08039012323, if a mass of the people bombarded the twitter handle and the costumer care with calls and with consistent twits, the company will have no option than to address the situation.
NERC, is an electricity regulatory body which is supposed to checkmate the excesses of the BEDC, but this company has failed in its responsibilities to the Akoko people, it is as if it has become an extension of BEDC, approving all their evil did, you can contact NERC on 094621414. Continue to call this number until something is done.
Finally, the youths can protest, there are people who are responsible for the social welfare in our state and in the country, this persons are so blind and they are so lazy that they will never do their work unless they see protest, a peaceful mass movement to expose the negligent of duty and betrayer of trust will put them on their toes. The activities can be undertaking by any youth, and it cost nothing, no danger to your life and no monetary cost, show your commitment to your locality today.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Akoko must hold their leaders accountable for problem of electricity

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Akoko cannot boast of any credible leader at the moment, every self seeking individuals that fancy themselves as the leader of the area has betrayed the cause of the people. The area is languishing under the problem of electricity and several infrastructural decay and it seems their is no hope unless somebody begin to ask the right question.
Of what benefit has the Deputy Governor, Senator, Hon. Members of the House of Representatives, the Hon Members of the House of Assembly being to the Akoko people? Are these persons confused and they don't understand that the purpose of power is to serve the people?
It is unfortunate that certain individuals from Akoko attempted to bargain to become the Ondo governor in the just concluded election in Ondo state and yet this person will never lift a finger to confront the biggest challenge in the land, they fought dirty, and they fought toot and nail to rape the people to advance their political careers, when they could have use the occasion to advance the commonwealth of the entire Akoko land, no wonder they never won and they will never become the governor because the land is angry at them. Many of these fellow only hold public offices where they enrich themselves base on the Akoko quota system in the Nigeria nation. 
The people must rise to ask their leader to give account of their stewardship, it is unfortunate, that most politician in Akoko continued to behave like prodigal sons, and a bastards, when the people they are supposed to lead suffers because of their poor leadership role.

Shekau dey laugh gofment on top Sambisa

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Shekau don over yeye Naija gofment and Army, na as country people still dey happy say Boko Haram wahala don finish, when soldier dem dey celebrate, na im Shekau follow back yard dey yinmu, dey show imself for video say na odeshi, nothing dey happen, say e dey kampe like the time wey dem talk say Obasanjo die.
How gofment go sidon well well cook better lie give country people, why dem no kuku talk the true say, e remain small make dem finish Boko Haram, she dis kain disgrace no dey tire them. no be that time wey dem talk say Shekau die, wey the Shekau still comot say na lie, like say that one no do them dem still go do this one, E no be lie.
I surprise say soldier still dey argue say dem don finish Sambisa, after the Shekau don carry video comot say e still dey kampe, make the gofment just softly go sidon, Shekau never die, but that one no mean say the gofment and soldier dem no dey try for the Boko Haram wahala, dem try, but the fight never finish and if dem take patient take do am, dem go quick finish the fight, and dem go still catch Shekau self.

Why African men hates to cook

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Many African men don't go to the kitchen, while some believe that it is taboo, other simply claim that the kitchen belongs to the women. Is this part of their nature, or what is the cause, and what can a this generation do about this?
It is a culture thing for both men and woman, since both the boys/girls cooks their food while they were single or while away from home, like in school, but as soon as the men become married they developed a lazy attitude about the kitchen, but this is based on the ancient taboos stated above.
African women share part of the blame too, most of the women takes the advantage of the kitchen privileges, by inflating prices of food and they keep the excess to themselves, some will chose the juiciest part of the food before it is done, for these reasons most women will never allow their men in the kitchen.
In another way, the women makes it difficult for the men to navigate through the kitchen, African women hardly appreciate any food cooked by men, this includes anything bought by men for them, this gradually discouraged the men, women also like to display all their possession in the kitchen which makes it confusing for men to cook in the absence of their wives.
Most African believes that any woman who cannot cook is wrecking her own home, but this might not be right for a career woman who may have to share her chore with tough work schedule, and especially, if the husband has a more relaxed work schedule, many suggested that such marriage should evolve a mutual arrangement, in such case to employ a help.
The African man can be blamed for not cooking but the women also share a part of the blame.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Share your blessing not success story as the year ends

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As the year comes to its end and the new year sets in, many people takes to their social media platform to share their accomplishment and other stories which impact no one except stirring envy and jealous. Who does the number of cars and houses you bought helps except you? Share something out and people will honest be happy with you.
If the year had been so good to you, why don't you share with other, bless a life and you don't have to use a megaphone to do it. Simply make somebody happy and that is better than a million success story to flame your ego.
I noticed that most social media celebrities do this a lot, many of them never knew it is vanity, and inferiority complex to come forward with those stories, you are never successful until you want to carry others in your wings, not to make them lick your shoes.