Friday, December 30, 2016

Akoko must hold their leaders accountable for problem of electricity

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Akoko cannot boast of any credible leader at the moment, every self seeking individuals that fancy themselves as the leader of the area has betrayed the cause of the people. The area is languishing under the problem of electricity and several infrastructural decay and it seems their is no hope unless somebody begin to ask the right question.
Of what benefit has the Deputy Governor, Senator, Hon. Members of the House of Representatives, the Hon Members of the House of Assembly being to the Akoko people? Are these persons confused and they don't understand that the purpose of power is to serve the people?
It is unfortunate that certain individuals from Akoko attempted to bargain to become the Ondo governor in the just concluded election in Ondo state and yet this person will never lift a finger to confront the biggest challenge in the land, they fought dirty, and they fought toot and nail to rape the people to advance their political careers, when they could have use the occasion to advance the commonwealth of the entire Akoko land, no wonder they never won and they will never become the governor because the land is angry at them. Many of these fellow only hold public offices where they enrich themselves base on the Akoko quota system in the Nigeria nation. 
The people must rise to ask their leader to give account of their stewardship, it is unfortunate, that most politician in Akoko continued to behave like prodigal sons, and a bastards, when the people they are supposed to lead suffers because of their poor leadership role.