Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Nigeria needs a special revolution

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Revolution in Nigeria is like asking the wrong question from the wrong guy, you will never get a correct answer, tribalism deep rooted in Nigeria for a true revolution in the sense you are stating it.
Actually, revolution has never succeeded in recent times, the last time it works was during the emperors and empires, the Hammurabi, Alexandra the great and the Julius Caesars.
What you confused for revolution in recent time was not what you think it was. Let me quickly educate you about three three types of revolution, bloody revolution, social revolution and the imported revolution.
The one we often talked about in this part of the world is the bloody revolution, where an angry mob wipe out the bad rulers and his cohort, but what we find here is that another set of bad guys simply step in where the revolution ends, example is the Arab Spring, Lybia seems to be far better under Ghadaffi and Egypt was winning African nations tournament until Mubarack was sacked and the country never knew peace.
The one I will recommend is the social revolution, this is when a societal challenges are solved using human intellect, it may be invention of machine that makes food surplus, a machine that makes transport faster, a machine that makes information faster or easier, a break through in the field of medicine, a breakthrough in fashion, in politics. This revolution is any human accomplishment that transformed the society for better. That was what took place in Europe and it is called Industrial revolution and that is what is called information revolution today. I wish I can spare the time to explain to you why the European succeeded in making the African see the bloody revolution instead of industrial revolution all the time.
Finally, there is Transported Revolution, this is when a revolution that started in a foreign country is transported to another country, that was how USA took the shine from Europe in industrial revolution, at certain times several European relocated to America and they brought this revolution with them. It is what is happening in Asia where the American smuggled their companies to evade tax and to evade labour related prices, some revolution can be alien created such as the space landing.
Now instead of planning of committing murder, which you might not succeed in doing anyway, you can start to redirect your effort to cause a social revolution, invent a machine or inspire other to invent a machine, even the oppressors and dictator bows to technology at long last.
Time will not permit me to explain more. But contact me for private discussion on this matter.