Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The fight for electricity in Akoko can only be won by the youths

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BEDC has taking the assault on Akoko land too far and the only group that can confront this evil Armageddon are the vibrant youths. This fight must be pursued using different strategy and on the social medial platforms to avoid it leading to the breaking of law and physical combat because of the anger generated over time by the BEDC in the heart of the ordinary Akoko citizens.
The first way to fight this war is through the social media and the use of the information technology. The youths must create a hashtag on the Facebook and other platform to get the world to see what the BEDC is doing to us, the BEDC, which is the arch enemy of Akoko is on the twitter. @BEDCpower, and it has a customer care number 08039012323, if a mass of the people bombarded the twitter handle and the costumer care with calls and with consistent twits, the company will have no option than to address the situation.
NERC, is an electricity regulatory body which is supposed to checkmate the excesses of the BEDC, but this company has failed in its responsibilities to the Akoko people, it is as if it has become an extension of BEDC, approving all their evil did, you can contact NERC on 094621414. Continue to call this number until something is done.
Finally, the youths can protest, there are people who are responsible for the social welfare in our state and in the country, this persons are so blind and they are so lazy that they will never do their work unless they see protest, a peaceful mass movement to expose the negligent of duty and betrayer of trust will put them on their toes. The activities can be undertaking by any youth, and it cost nothing, no danger to your life and no monetary cost, show your commitment to your locality today.

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